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"What is a Rocket Room Space party like?"

Hangar 7 have created the ROCKET ROOM which is a spaceship simulation gameroom where you and your friends work together as a ship's crew to fly your spaceship in space and defeat fleets of alien ships.


We will meet you at the main entrance to the Seale Hayne courtyard and make our way to the simulation room.

There will be a quick briefing about how to fly the spaceship and crew roles will be allocated for the first game. We will set the scene and build the atmosphere before the game begins. The crew will be encouraged to work together and our party leader will work with them to help them get the hang of the game. The birthday girl or boy can elect to be the Captain or take on another role.

After the first game the roles will swap so everyone gets to try different roles.

As the crew get to grips with their ship they will get more adventurous and the games will get harder. Expect excitement, confusion and laughter as they protect themselves and their base stations from enemy attack from the Arvonian, Kralian and Skaaran forces.

What should we bring?

You don't really need to bring anything except enthusiasm and any medications that might be needed such as asthma inhalers or epipens for allergies.

However, if you want to dress up you are more than welcome.

Do you do food?

You have three option for food.

  • We can book a private function room for you at Hannahs and arrange for a party meal to be cooked by Hannahs Bistro. Which will include a choice of mains courses and icecream for dessert. This costs £6.50 a head and includes room hire.

  • We can book a private function room for you and you can bring your own food. This is free.

  • You can choose to eat elsewhere after the RocketRoom party.

How much does the RocketRoom cost?

The RocketRoom party costs:

£100 for 3 people

£110 for 4

£120 for 5

£130 for 6

£140 for 7

£150 for 8


What are the age limits?

We feel that most children under 8 will find it hard to cope with the controls of the ship and the excitement of the space adventure.

There is no upper age limit.

How many people can play?

To ensure all players get a great experience, we limit the number of players to 8. The minimum is 3.


Hangar 7 staff are all first aid trained and have up to date DBS checks.

We ask one adult to stay in the simulator room in case any children need to pop out to the toilet.

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