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Team Building Event

If you are interested in bringing some of your work colleagues along for an exciting and challenging team building session, feel free to contact us and have a chat. At the moment we can cater for 8 staff- and will be expanding our capacity to 16 staff soon.

The format of a full day would be something like we have outlined below, but we are totally flexible on timings and aims for the day.  Half days are also a possibility. 


9:00 - 9:30 am informal buffet breakfast in the Bistro

9:30 am Welcome and Mission briefing - Choose your captains and crews

10am Mission 1 - Double Front

11:00am Debriefing - Meet for coffee and swap tales of daring do

11:20am Mission 2 - The Trials of Deneb

12:20am Lunch in a private function room with food provided by the Bistro. 

1:20pm Change crews around in preparation for Mission 3 where both crews work together towards a common goal. Discuss what worked well. Then crews provided with details of final mission so they can talk tactics. 

1:50pm The Final Mission

3:00pm. Finish - coffee and chat and team photos

More details to follow soon...

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